Don't feel like shoveling? These companies will do it for you

Posted in Fox 25 Boston

Forget the shovel this year – the internet is here to help.

A new app called SnoHub is offering on-demand snow clearing service in the Boston area. It’s joining other similar services in the area, including PLOWZ and Yeti.

SnoHub said they 50 contractors in the area and they could serve at least 500 homeowners a day. SnoHub originally launched in Connecticut, last winter; the idea stemmed off of Uber. The contractors either have a plow, a snow removal machine or shovel.

PLOWZ’s business model is slightly different, sending local, professional plow trucks to clear driveways.

Yeti also is based off the Uber model; it only offers shoveling to remove snow from cars. It is a local company, while the others are regionally or nationally based.

Pricing is different for all the models; SnoHub starts at $59 for up to 6 inches of snow. Plowing a one car driveway with PLOWZ in the Boston metro is currently estimated to be $82 for at least 12 inches of snow. Yeti doesn’t list a typical price on its website or app.

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