This is Our Story.

We're Passionate About Snow Clearing.

James Albis, SnoHub’s Founder & CEO, started in the snow removal business forty years ago, working with just a shovel over his shoulder; he knocked on his neighbors’ doors with a motivation to earn extra income.  James and a neighborhood buddy, shoveled 10 driveways, and earned $200 from every snow storm- not bad for a 10 year old!

Today SnoHub have created the most sophisticated and user friendly App for both customers and contractors to benefit from this improved development. Snow clearing is now hassle free for everyone.

About SnoHub

James Albis, SnoHub’s Founder & CEO, started in the snow removal business forty years ago, working with just a shovel over his shoulder, he knocked on his neighbors’ doors, with a motivation to earn extra income.  James and a neighborhood buddy, shoveled 10 driveways, and earned $200 from every snow storm- not bad for a 10 year old! 

James got his first experience of many of the complexities, and problems he faced when he first purchased a home back in 2005, such as lack of understanding when a contractor would show up or if they would even show up. Even when he did agree to work with a specific contractor, the reliability was simply not there. On top of that, the notion of paying with cash, checks or invoices was counter intuitive to how the modern world ran every day. Other industries were looking at more efficiency, so why not Snow?.  

James has always looked at the world with intellectual curiosity to solve problems and improve the world around him. Steeped with a passion to innovate, James worked to develop the framework what would become the foundation of the SnoHub mobile platform, that transcended much deeper than just an app, but an experience for customers, contractors and markets we serve. We have spent three years working out the kinks, never stopped asking questions from customers and contractors to make SnoHub what it is today!

We are 100% focused on Snow Removal, to the be the best.We have expanded our service equipment to include not just snow plows, but have added snow blowers and hand shoveling.

Not every service request fits into one “box” that is why we expanded the depth and breadth of our service stack, because no snow storm is the same, every customer has different needs, and when dealing with Snow-Ice conditions, they change all the time!  SnoHub heads into each snow event to get it all done right way with every asset possible.

We are a part of the Snow Removal industry, the most efficient technology advanced platform serving the residential market.We have opened up the market to the best contractors and have opened the door to thousands of new people: Military Vets, Painters, Electricians, Plumber, Roofers, Retired Fire Fighters, and College Students.

By adding more supply coupled with our technology we created a more balanced ecosystem for everyone. We hope to improve your life whether you’re a customer or contractor. We have learned from our mistakes, we will make more, but when we do we will own our misteps!  that you can count on.  You can email me directly- I will respond to your email which is a much better and direct way to deal with a problem, not on a social platform, which will not remedy your concerns or issue directly.If you have a question or comment, please send it to me:

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Meet the Team

James Patrick Albis

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

James Albis, is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SnowHub Inc.- a disruptive mobile technology company focused on making life simpler and easier for home owners and contractors through its mobile Apps. James is a catalyst of change, always thinking to improve the world around him, to leave the world in a better spot. His inspiration comes from challenging the status quo, to bring forth innovation that solves real pain points for people across America. Prior to founding SnoHub, James advised several company’s in a strategic business and product development capacity, launching new products and services on a global basis. He experience included MCI, Transmedia International & The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, as well as a variety of startups.

James holds an BA in Business from the University of South Carolina, and a duel MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Business & The University of Sydney. Additionally, James is an Adjunct Business Professor, teaching a variety of business courses at local colleges just outside of New York City. When James not trying to fit the world into his Apps, he maintains an active lifestyle, one of which is trying to keep up with his four children age from 14-4. James enjoys traveling, and helping others achieve their dreams.

Victor Green

Investor & Chairman

Victor was born in the UK and lives in Los Angeles.

Victor is a true serial entrepreneur having started numerous business of his own and advised and mentored many more companies to success.

His companies included publishing, organizing exhibitions and conferences, printing, marketing and PR, photography, finance, manufacturing, real estate, soccer clubs, web design and direct selling on the internet and managing a rock band.

During the past 15 years he has devoted his time to business consultancy helping people develop their businesses, both large and small, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Victor’s USP is his ability to quickly grasp a clear understanding of a business. He has vast experience in all business matters; sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution, financial control, contracts, buying and selling a business, closing a business and raising money. He is a true serial entrepreneur and has invested in early start companies.

He specializes in helping businesses grow and turn failing businesses around.

His objective is to make businesses more profitable.

Victor is the author of, ‘How to Succeed in Business – by Really Trying’.

Victor was recently invited to join the team of a new TV show “Hatched. Victor was one of the investors on the show who received pitches from contestants. He was also an executive producer.

Case Jones

Chief Technical & Product Manager

Case grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, part of a family of 5. While in grade school he shoveled snow and delivered newspapers to earn pocket money before moving to Vancouver to get a Computer Science degree from UBC, where he was inspired by early work experience as a system administrator for an Operations Research startup in the department of Commerce, and a programmer for a related Management Consulting firm in downtown Vancouver. From then on, for 14 years as a Linux System Administrator, Case served a variety of clients in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York, in consultative roles (with expertise in software development, number crunching, databases, Linux, DNS, system administration, scaling web projects, and more), while managing his own group of similarly interested professionals. In addition to “Bash,” and “node.js,” Case speaks English, French and Russian, and has travelled to more than 12 countries.

Garett Wilson

Social Media Platform Manager

Garrett grew up in Westchester, NY in a family of five. Garrett now resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, majoring in economics, with a dual minor in entrepreneurship and business at the University of Michigan. He has previously served as Volunteer Coordinator for Let’s Play it Forward, a regionally recognized and awarded charity based in New York which collects and donates sports equipment to underprivileged children. Additionally, he co-founded 3 Brothers Handyman and Landscaping, a seasonal landscaping service provider in Westchester, NY, giving him first hand experience in the home services market. He is interested in social media marketing and analytics, sales and technology and is excited to be working with SnoHub to revolutionize the snow removal industry.