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Snow removal goes gig—Yep, there’s an app for that

Posted on: Colorado Patio and Landscape by Amy Guettler A new, Uber-like app connects snow removal professionals with the customers who need their services In a word, it’s all about convenience. When the snow inevitably falls, people often have better things to do with their time than shovel and salt their driveways. Similarly, many landscaping professionals

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SnoHub hopes to disrupt the multi-billion dollar snow removal industry

Posted on Yahoo Finance Sibile Marcellus Reporter Yahoo Finance November 15, 2018 Snohub: An Uber-like app for snow removal   Dreading shoveling your driveway this winter? There’s an app for that. SnoHub is an app that connects users to shovel-ready contractors in real time based on their location. Its founder and CEO James Albis told Yahoo

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Essay: Tech Beats Winter

Can’t stand the cold? There’s an app for that By Sarah Chandler from Minnesota Monthly ILLUSTRATION BY LARS LEETARU In my youth, I spent frigid midwinter nights shivering in a thin sweatshirt and canvas Chuck Taylors outside First Avenue. Since then, my cold-weather preparations have vastly improved. I rock my knee-high Sorels, and I’m cautiously

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