SnoHub Mobile App Debuts In Calgary, Canada

The Leading App for Snow Removal Now Available in Calgary for Consumers;

Thousands of New Snow Clearing Jobs Available

RIDGEFIELD, Conn.Dec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SnoHub Inc., a consumer technology company focused on making life simpler and easier for home owners and on-demand workers through its SnoHub app announces its official expansion into Calgary, Canada. SnoHub, already in 19 states and 31 markets across the U.S., has brought its seamless, simple booking process and secure mobile payment gateway to snowy Calgary in the North. With SnoHub, both customers and snow clearing contractors in Calgary now have a dependable and efficient snow removal solution for the long winter months ahead.

SnoHub has also made significant advances on the mobile app, available to download in the Apple and Google Play Stores, which significantly improves the customer and contractor experience. New service features allow for a wider variety of snow clearing options including snow shoveling, snow blowing and de-icing.

“With snow falling now until end of April in Calgary, and snow totals averaging over foot with each storm, we are thrilled to offer SnoHub as the easiest and most convenient way to request snow clearing services,” said James Albis, Founder and CEO, SnoHub. “Our mobile app makes it easy for customers in Calgary to pay only when they want to have snow removed and offers contractors, Military Veterans, painters, electricians and even college students a way to receive supplemental income, all through SnoHub.”

SnoHub has built an intuitive backend system to monitor and measure customer demand and contractor capacity, thus allowing for better management and user experience across the board.  SnoHub customers receive notification immediately upon booking their service, with arrival times and the SnoHub truck’s route all visible in real-time on their mobile device. Customers are provided before and after photos of requested snow services. With pricing starting at $30 (Canadian Dollars) depending on the region and a base of six inches of snow, it is an easy solution for anyone needing immediate snow removal.

In addition, SnoHub is very much a part of the new gig economy and truly proud to offer part time workers an opportunity to join the SnoHub team to address increased demand. SnoHub is seeking to partner with 1,000 new independent snow removal contractors in Calgary to use the equipment they have to serve its expanded regions and meet the 2019 seasonal demand.  The onboarding process is simple and clearly defined on the SnoHub app. All one has to do is log on as a “contractor,” enter basic information such as an ID, including their driver’s license, insurance and other information. SnoHub provides real paying jobs all while handling all the technology, marketing, payment and customer relationship management. Once a contractor has registered, it is as simple as accepting the job, proceeding to the job, taking before photos, completing snow removal task, and offering photos of the completed job. One click, and the customer is notified that SnoHub has completed its services.

About SnoHub
SnoHub is a consumer technology company focused on making life simpler and easier for users and on-demand workers with its SnoHub app. SnoHub, available in 19 states and 31 markets including Calgary, Canada and has created a scalable solution to address the problems of snow clearing for all residential needs. SnoHub connects customers with contractors by leveraging innovative mobile technology coupled with the best customer experience. SnoHub is also leading in job creation in the markets they serve, as it offers supplemental income for those looking to make extra money due to seamless, transactional mobile technology. For additional information please go to







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