Snow removal, there's an app for that

Posted on NBC 10 News by Danielle Kennedy

If clearing snow isn’t for you, there’s a mobile app that can help take care of it.

It’s called SnoHub. Imagine it like Uber, but for a snow plow service. An address is entered in and a contractor will come show up and remove the snow for the homeowner.

“It came out of a pain point that I felt as a homeowner,” SnoHub’s Founder and CEO James Albis, told NBC 10 News. “I connected the dots and used similar technology that other tech companies have used in the past to make it easy to use for homeowners and contractors.”

The app is connected to a credit card. Users have to enter where the service is needed.

“Once you hit okay, this sends out a notification to contractors who are in the area and they can typically respond to homeowners within an hour or so,” Albis said.

To plow and average driveway with six inches of snow costs about $59.

Many tell NBC 10 they see the value.

“There’s neighbors every year looking for someone to clear their snow and they may not want to sign up for a full year contract but maybe pay to have someone do it once or twice a year,” Greg Gauthier said.

Some kids told NBC 10 they’re ready to sign their parents up for the app.

“So I don’t have to waste shoveling and can play in the snow,” said Ava Williams.

“I think the demand is out there,” Christina Brit said. “There are folks who don’t have the capability of plowing their driveway and I think it’s a great idea.”

The app has 5,000 downloads so far and 450 screened and certified contractors registered.

“It’s also a convenient app for contractors to identify additional work during the wintertime so they can make some extra money,” Albis said.

The app is also available in bigger cities like New York and Boston.

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