We tried SnoHub, the Uber of snow clearing. Here’s what you need to know

Posted in NJ.com by Jessica Remo

It’s not the shoveling I mind, it’s the single-digit temps and jacket-piercing wind.

So in the wake of Thursday’s snow bomb, it seemed the perfect time to review SnoHub, the latest merger of tech and laziness — I mean, convenience — to rid my corner property (twice the sidewalks!) of the fluffy white stuff.

The idea is simple: Like Uber, the app employs contractors to accept a job, all with the push of a few buttons, and presto!, there’s a much-more-eager-than-you snow remover at your door in minutes.

SnoHub hit the market in Connecticut last winter and this year expanded to Jersey, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Albany, Providence and Rochester, with plans to go nationwide.

Will the new tech put the kids going door-to-door out of business?

“What we’ve found is nowadays a lot of homeowners don’t have cash on hand, especially during a snowstorm,” says Ashley Read, a public relations rep for SnoHub.

SnoHub to the rescue. Here’s how it went.

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