'Uber of snow plows' now available in Providence

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Called the “Uber of snow plows,” the SnoHub app has launched in the city, just in time for Thursday’s storm.

The app, created by James Albis, is available for download on iPhones, iPads and Androids, according to a news release from the company. The app is free.

“Our task was to create a scalable solution to address the problems of snow clearing that has been plagued with inefficiencies for decades,” said Albis in a news release. “At SnoHub we connect our customers with great people by leveraging innovative mobile technology coupled with the best customer experience.”

Through the application residents can hire contractors to plow their snow. There’s a $59 cost for a base of 3 inches of snow and $10 per additional inch, according to the news release.

The app was successful in Connecticut last winter — serving 200 customers and 25 contractors. Now, its expanded to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Albany, West Hartford, Providence and Rochester, according to the news release.

People in Providence can sign up to clean snow and make cash like Rob Doorley, a real-estate broker. Doorley already plows about 10 properties in his care, but finds himself bored during the state’s major storms.

He sent a photo of his insurance, a copy of his license, and a photo of his truck to the operators of the application, and now he is set to go.

“As a broker, you get snowed in for a couple days and all your appointments get cancelled,” said Doorley. “Now I can do a little bit here, a little there, help some people out.”

He added: “Plus I can make some extra money.”


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